FBI removes a VPN service used by ransomware groups | Antivirus and security

A joint operation between the FBI, Europol and security agencies in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland led to the overthrow of a VPN service that provided support for criminal activities. Named Safe-Inet, it ensures anonymity for groups that want to spread ransomware, run phishing campaigns, and steal third-party accounts.

The Safe-Inet page displays an FBI warning (Image: Reproduction)

The Safe-Inet page displays an FBI warning (Image: Reproduction)

This operation brought down servers connected to the VPN and three domains where so-called bulletproof hosting was provided. According to the FBI, it was intentionally created to allow criminal activities to be carried out without the control of the police.

“Bulletproof storage activities may include ignoring or justifying in response to complaints of abuse by victims of their customers; moving client accounts and / or data from IP address, server or country to help them avoid detection; and no record keeping, ”the FBI explained.

According to Europol, the outage has been around for more than a decade. “This VPN service has been sold for a high price to the criminal underworld as one of the best tools out there to block the law, providing up to 5 layers of anonymous VPN connections,” said the European Agency. “.

Now, anyone accessing Safe-Inet domains sees a warning that they are being administered by the US government. The authorities did not disclose any arrests resulting from this operation, but the FBI pointed out that, by providing the means for illegal activities, the hosting service became an accomplice. of cybercriminals.

With information: Cnet.

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