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If you are a user who loves to change things on Android, know that Nova Launcher Prime is on sale at the moment, with prices billed for the lowest possible value in the region. This, in Brazil, means that one of the most popular home screen interfaces of Google’s mobile operating system is currently priced at US $ 0.99.

Nova Launcher Prime will be on sale (Image: André Fogaça / Tecnoblog)

Nova Launcher Prime will be on sale (Image: André Fogaça / Tecnoblog)

TeslaCoil Software developer kindness, which just came out on December 24 and possibly a generous Christmas gift. “If you don’t have Nova Launcher Prime yet, now’s the time to have it! Apps sold for the cheapest allowed in your area, usually US $ 0.99, “says Official launcher account on Twitter.

The base price for the device launching in Brazil is $ 15 USD and the promotion means a 93.4% discount. This isn’t the first year a promotion has the lowest possible exact value in the Play Store, as giveaways took place on December 24, 2018.

Nova Launcher has a free version which is essentially all the features most users might need, but Prime offers some extra details for those willing to pay. The list of new features includes:

  • New gestures: can customize commands using swipe, two-finger gesture (such as zooming in an image) on the screen and two taps on the screen;
  • Groups in the application drawer: users can create folders and tabs to further organize the system’s application drawer;
  • Hidden application: the launcher allows apps to disappear from the drawer without necessarily removing them from the device;
  • Gestures are also for app icons: Users can configure gestures on the screen, just above the application icons, for specific actions as shortcuts.

In addition, Nova Launcher Prime also brings more scrolling effects to Android and changes the number of unread notifications.

Nova Launcher Prime requires a free launcher

Even when separately downloaded from the Play Store, Nova Launcher Prime Only works as an authentication key for these features to appear on main application, for free. This means you’ll need both downloads on Android to use the paid version.

Even during subscriptions to monthly recurring payments, Nova Launcher Prime only needs one payment to work with all the features forever or until TeslaCoil Software changes your mind – you You know, Pocket Casts Plus.

Come to think of it, fortunately in Brazil, the amount is denominated in our currency, since 99 cents will have a price, as of the date of this article’s publication and only includes the quote of the US currency at the Bank. Central (no taxes or fees), R $ 5.16 – 80% more expensive.

With information: Android police.

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