Fall Guys receive Christmas clothes for the third season | Game

The boys fall will receive third season soon. Notice will be made in Prize games, an event that happened on December 10, is streamed online. But the Mediatonic producer has said we will have Christmas clothes for the “jujubinhas” of the dispute and challenge game.

Cream-colored and winter clothes in Fall Guys (Image: Mediatonic / Revealed)

Cream-colored and winter clothes in Fall Guys (Image: Mediatonic / Revealed)

The theme for the third season will be “Winter”, which is the current season of the year in the northern hemisphere of the planet. You can wait for the specials and special clothes revealed by the studio.

As the first image shows, reindeer, candle and even a “disgusting snowman”-like character, with a beard and jaw, is to be expected. As usual, these skins will be provided on our Season Pass The boys fall or sold in the game’s online store, through the crown.

In turn, the crown is an item that can only be obtained by winning an entire match. It’s impossible to buy the crown with real money – and that won’t change anytime soon.

Autumn Guys

The boys fall are at the end of the current season, with a medieval theme. Each lasting, more or less, two months.

Most likely the new installment will end in February, opening up space for the fourth season – in turn, without any mention or hint of the content.

Today The boys fall is available on PS4 and PC, but it also works on PS5, through the backward compatibility of the new Sony console.

With information: Twitter.

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