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One of the (many) fake news circulating in 2020 is that 5G is linked to the spread of COVID-19. Subject, which is the product of conspiracy theories and has no scientific evidence, has been profitable for a number of Amazon marketplace stores that have attempted to sell a type of interceptor cage from alternative networks. fifth generation.

Faraday cage

Faraday Cage (Photo: Reproduction / Amazon)

Such an accessory is actually a Faraday Cage. If you are not familiar with this project, let me explain: it is an experiment that allows you to isolate electrical and electronic equipment. It was first carried out in 1836 – and in this case using scientific methods.

The metal box creates an insulating barrier, retaining the generated electromagnetic field. It is often used so that a device does not interfere with other devices near it.

Apparently, the sellers used the “victim’s” meager technical knowledge to sell accessories on the promise that the cage could allow Internet browsing while blocking 5G signals. Well, the truth is they also depend on the strength of the Wi-Fi signal.

“The box works to prevent radiation from going out, but the Wi-Fi won’t work unless you’re in the same room as the router! 90% signal reduction! We really wanted to like it, but couldn’t use our phones in any other room in the house, ”said a buyer as he criticized the actual purpose of the product.

The Real Matters of 5G

In an interview with Motherboard, physicist Phillip Broughton explained that theories against 5G are also related to the nature of the technology.

According to him, because it has a shorter wavelength than previous wireless networks, 5G requires more transmitters and the “proliferation” of this device will scare people off by inducing sensations. has been compromised. Of course, this is just one of the reasons that can be used as an excuse for various theories without scientific evidence.

Though absurd, the 5G conspiracy ideas have caused a number of problems throughout the year. So much so that companies like Facebook and Twitter have had to position themselves, manage and remove posts that spread waves of misinformation related to the topic.

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