China testing self-propelled “robotáxis” on Shenzhen’s streets | Car

Streets in Shenzhen, a Chinese metropolis famous for its close relationship with technology, won driverless cars last Thursday. “Robotáxis” comes from AutoX, a startup backed by companies Alibaba, MediaTek and Shangai Motors. The fleet has 25 autonomous vehicles and does not include any security drivers or remote controls.

AutoX Robotáxis

AutoX Robotáxis (Photo: Press release / AutoX)

Although cars are in circulation, the technology is in beta and taxis are not yet widely available. With this initiative, China intends to gain US qualifications in the race to deploy autonomous vehicles.

The roadmap also includes several steps, such as regulatory procedures and investments in 5G network infrastructure. But things are on the right track, according to an AutoX spokesperson: “We have received support from the local government. Shenzhen is making very rapid progress in legislation for self-driving cars, he said.

Quick handling promises to avoid accidents

According to AutoX, the vehicle control unit has high handling capacity and enough computing power to deal with traffic problems in the densely populated city in China.

To assemble the databases for autonomous vehicle algorithms, the company has used 100 robots over the past few years, which have traveled for “million miles” in densely packed city centers in country.

In July, the company was allowed to test its vehicle in California, in a limited area in San Jose.

With information: TechCrunch

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