Federal Revenue now accepts Pix for Darf | Business

When Pix was presented, central bank Explain that tax payments will be among the different uses of the new system. The promise will be kept: IRS worked with Banco do Brasil to allow payments Darf via Pix.

Short for Federal Collection Documents, Darf is one of the main collection mechanisms of the federal government. For example, this is the document used by the IRS to collect income tax.

In the initial phase, Darf with Pix will only be available to companies filing Federal Debt Statement and Tax Credits, Social Security and other entities and funds (DCTFWeb). But the plan is to expand the use of the new Darf to other categories over time.

Pix in the Caixa app (photo: Emerson Alecrim / Tecnoblog)

Pix in the Caixa app (photo: Emerson Alecrim / Tecnoblog)

It is also part of the plan to incorporate Pix into other taxes. For example, later this month, Pix will be included in the eSocial Collection Documentation. In January 2021, the system will be integrated into Si Mau Nacional’s Tax Collection Document, used to pay taxes for small businesses, micro corporations and MEI.

In any case, the documents will have a QR Code to enable immediate payment at any time of tax.

Pix has 100 million keys

Pix went live on November 16, and this week, it has hit 100 million sign-ups. It is important to remember a key corresponding to one of the following data to identify the account receiving the money:

  • CPF or CNPJ;
  • Phone number;
  • Email;
  • Random sequence (EVP).

Each individual can register up to five keys per account. In the case of legal entities, this limit increases to 20 keys per account.

Note, however, that the lack of a key does not prevent Pix’s use. In this case, the amount can be transferred by the receiver’s account, agent and CPF / CNPJ information, as is done with transactions via DOC or TED.

With information: Brazilian agent [1] and [2].

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