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Foldable smartphones haven’t been as successful as they should be, but Google has prepared Android for devices with expansive screens. The new feature appeared in the test version of Android Studio, a development platform for the search giant’s mobile operating system.

LG smartphone concept with expandable display (Image: reconstructed / LetsGoDigital)

LG smartphone concept with expandable display (Image: reproducible /LetsGoDigital)

The statement is present when the developer chooses the properties for the emulator to display its application. In this position are the foldable screens for the inside (like the Galaxy Z Fold 2) and outside (in the style of Huawei Mate X), but now a new format has emerged and it makes a device. The device has a 7.4-inch screen, a resolution of 1,600 x 2,428 pixels, a density of 420 pixels per inch and can be reduced.

This means that both the size and the resolution are at the largest possible value when the screen is enlarged. The instructions place three fixed positions, the first with a smaller (curved) screen and a resolution of 1,080 x 2,428 pixels, the middle position with 1,366 x 2,428 and the third with the largest value.

Android Studio ready for scalable displays (Image: recreated / XDA-Developers)

Android Studio ready for scalable displays (Image: recreated / XDA-Developers)

The manufacturers have extended screen Android phones

Now, right now, if you open Google and search for a smartphone with a scroll screen to buy this week, you won’t find anything. However, this scenario will start to change next year. LG has been suggesting a cell phone with a screen that could grow in size in one direction.

Oppo is another manufacturer that has also demonstrated the concept with an expandable screen. The revelation happened in the middle of last month and shows the Oppo X 2021, which is capable of extending the display in one direction.

I really don’t like foldable smartphones. They’re flimsy and expensive, but the promise of a screen that can expand only when needed, and without visible wrinkles, got me excited.

With information: XDA developer.

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