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Network of Underground cables of the Google it’s even bigger: the company announced on Friday (4) that the Tannat expansion has been completed. It has linked the cities of Santos (SP) and Maldonado, in Uruguay; Now, there is an infrastructure to Las Toninas, in Argentina.

Google's undersea cable (Image: Copy)

Google’s undersea cable (Image: Copy)

Tannat, launched in June 2019, started forming a fork as it left Brazil and reached the coasts of Uruguay and Argentina. The city of Las Toninas connects most of the underground cables to the neighboring country; it is called “zero kilometers of the Internet” there.

This Google cable has six pairs of optical fibers and achieves speeds of 90 Tb / s. It is manufactured by Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks and was installed in cooperation with Antel, a Uruguayan telecommunications company.

Tannat links Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay (Image: Disclosure / Google)

Tannat links Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay (Image: Disclosure / Google)

Google’s underground cable in Latin America

Google will not share Tannat with others: it’s exclusively to serve as an infrastructure and improve connectivity in Google Cloud services. For the same purpose, the company has other underground cables that pass through Latin America:

“Google’s network and infrastructure allow us to process vast amounts of information in real time to host some of the most demanding services in the world, and be able to deliver content with limited availability. highest availability and efficiency, ”said Cristian Ramos, Google, Director of Infrastructure Development, in a statement.

Worldwide, an estimated 447 marine optical fiber systems are in operation or under construction, according to TeleGeography. You can check out an interactive global map on this link; and see in the image below the fiber optic networks connecting Brazil to the world.

Underground cable map in Brazil (Image: Reproduction / TeleGeography)

Underground cable map in Brazil (Image: Reproduction / TeleGeography)

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