Google Photos adds animated wallpapers on Android | Application and software

Google Photos has given a new purpose to the Memories area, highlighting its old files in story format. Now, images from previous years marked by the app can also appear on Android phones as live wallpapers.

Google Photos memory as live wallpaper (Image: Playback / XDA Developers)

Google Photos memory as live wallpaper (Image: Playback / XDA Developers)

According to the XDA developerThis feature is available starting with version 5.2.2, which was released on the Google Play Store. Images published by the website show that you can find an option to show memories saved in Google Photos when accessing the Android live wallpaper screen.

If the new option is selected, the operating system will display a screen where you can see a preview before confirming the change. This area also allows you to open Google Photos to see everything in your account before changing the wallpaper.

Memories was released on the app in September 2019. At first, the feature was even more like Instagram Stories and featured the highlights in the bar with circular photos. The shift to highlighting in portrait orientation happened this year, when the app got a new look.

It’s still unclear if Google Photos will show up as live wallpapers like the ones that appear to people who open the app. However, it can be expected that the new purpose will also take into account options that allow you to hide photos of certain people or periods.

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