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YouTube has announced that it will be testing a new format for channel owners to appeal against the Partner Program suspension. Nowtubers who lose the ability to monetize by violating the rules will be able to upload videos to protest the decision. The model will be tested in a small group and may be available to everyone in the future.

YouTube checks the video content of the channel owner (Image: Irfan Ahmad / Pixabay)

YouTube checks the video content of the channel owner (Image: Irfan Ahmad / Pixabay)

According to YouTube, the idea is to help channel owners provide better context by explaining why they understand a pause is inaccurate. The platform’s policies management team considers the placements presented in the video when re-evaluating the channel penalty.

If evaluation results are overdue, the channel will revert to monetization without having to complete the full 30-day suspension. For now, the platform says, this is an experiment that will be open to a small group of content creators.

In a statement about the start of the experiment, YouTube did not detail which employees will have access to the videos, nor explain what will happen to the material after the analysis. There are no examples of video contests yet, but in the case of those temporarily losing revenue streams, it’s not hard to imagine that the platform’s moderators will be able to deal with at least unusual situations. .

However, this decision seems to indicate that YouTube is looking for a more intimate relationship with its partners. With the new model, owners of the sanctioned channels will be able to distribute the text to the platform and present their argument in the format they are most familiar with.

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