Itaú introduces no annual fee Visa Platinum credit card | Business

Itaú announced on Thursday (3) the launch of another credit card with no annual fees, this time linked to the Iti digital wallet. Currently, only one virtual version of the product can be used in stores, with the promise of plastic delivery soon.

Itaú launches Iti credit card (photo: André Fogaça / Tecnoblog)

Itaú launches Iti credit card (photo: André Fogaça / Tecnoblog)

The appearance of the card, whether in physical or virtual versions, marks Iti’s first step with credit services. “This is the time to take it one step further. We will start to provide an additional alternative so people can choose the best option to use in each situation, making our account solutions even more complete ”, said João Araújo, Iti Itaú director commented.

Credit card requests are made from the Iti app itself, with a deadline of up to nine calendar days to respond to credit analysis. Once approved, the card will automatically go into the application and can be used to pay for purchases using its virtual version or in the Itaú virtual wallet QR code acceptance facilities.

Credit card interface (Image: Reveal / Itaú)

Credit card interface (Image: Reveal / Itaú)

At this time, the credit limit offered cannot be changed – no more or less. New requests for rejected proposals will be evaluated and responded to within six months. During this period it is possible to use the account card, which is a prepaid card, and to use the balance in Iti as a source of funds.

Iti credit cards are accessible

One of the new features of this card, even for others there is no annual fee and is controlled by the same Itaú, as in the case of Credicard Zero, that the Iti model has some focused details. into accessibility for more people.

One is the translation of some data into Braille, printed directly on the plastic of the physical version. The other way is a cut to indicate the direction of the card inserted into the payment machine by touching. In terms of security, this tag does not display any written information such as the number or name of the owner. All this data still resides in the app.

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