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THE apple are working on third generation of AirPods basic and second of AirPods Pro. At least that’s what sources familiar with the company say, heard by Bloomberg. It is not surprising that an electronic product began to be developed long before its launch. What attracts attention is that it is more likely that the Pro version has the style design of the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

If the source is correct, the new basic AirPods will have a similar design to the current AirPods Pro, with a shorter body and detachable silicon tips that will, in fact, turn the product into an in-ear headset. .

Apple AirPods Pro (photo: Paulo Higa / Tecnoblog)

Apple AirPods Pro (photo: Paulo Higa / Tecnoblog)

The source also told Bloomberg that Apple is trying to extend the model’s battery life. But the advancements can hardly be made further. For example, active noise cancellation is a feature that should be limited to AirPods Pro.

By the way, AirPods Pro can undergo the biggest change. Apple will try to make the headphones more compact, and in the process, the body that is specific to the current generation will cease to exist.

In contrast, the new headphones will have a slightly more rounded and “full” design, a feature that could make the product look like headphones from Samsung’s Galaxy Buds line or Google’s Pixel Buds line.

This will not be a simple change. Sources suggest that Apple will put in a lot of effort to make the AirPods Pro more compact, while also bringing in features such as noise cancellation, antenna and microphone. The functional aspect, therefore, may be more attractive than aesthetics in the next generation.

Rumors indicate that the new basic AirPods will be announced next semester. The next generation of AirPods Pro will be coming a little later.

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