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THE Microsoft will make a change in Internet Explorer: if a user tries to open an inactive web page in the old browser, they will automatically be redirected Edge. There are over a thousand “banned” websites running on IE because they are not compatible, including Google Drive, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Internet Explorer (Photo: Josh Holmes / Flickr)

Internet Explorer (Photo: Josh Holmes / Flickr)

Currently, if a user visits an incompatible website in Internet Explorer, they receive a warning saying that they need to use another browser. That will change soon: users will automatically be redirected to Edge when the stable version 87 is released.

“The need to manually switch to another browser will change from Edge Stable 87”, company explanation. “When users visit a website that is not compatible with Internet Explorer, they are automatically redirected to Edge.”

In this case, it will display the message: “You are browsing Microsoft Edge; This website does not work on Internet Explorer, Microsoft recommends continuing to use Microsoft Edge for better speed, performance and security. Has the option to bring your data and preferences from IE whenever this happens.

“The site doesn’t work on Internet Explorer” (Image: Playback / Instagram / Microsoft Edge)

Microsoft has a list of “banned” sites on IE

Microsoft maintain a list There are 1,156 websites that are not working properly in Internet Explorer, including some famous sites like Google Play, Google Drive, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Yahoo Mail, Stack Overflow, Stack Exchange and GoDaddy. For .br domains, we only have the Estácio University distance learning portal. All of them will open in Edge.

The list also includes Microsoft Teams. Remember that as of November 30, the web version of Teams will no longer support IE 11. As of August 2021, users will not be able to use any Microsoft 365 apps or services in this browser. again.

Internet Explorer is slowly getting to the end, but it’s still far from dead: Microsoft won’t automatically open Edge if the site is on a private network (its list of only public addresses).

In addition, it provides group policies for companies that want to disable IE redirects for Edge. And on corporate PCs that don’t have Edge installed, it’s not recommended.

With information: ZDNet.

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