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One of the news attracting attention in iPhone 12 is the screen with Ceramic shielding, protect that, in other words apple, making the component more resistant to damage. Really? Tests show that the company is not lying, but we must note that the protection does not render the new iPhone’s screen indestructible.

IPhone 12 durability test (photo: Chris Parker / CNET)

IPhone 12 durability test (photo: Chris Parker / CNET)

One of the tests was conducted by Cnet. The automaker claims that, in addition to the glass, the design of the iPhone 12 series makes this component more resistant to drops because it aligns with the device’s metal structure instead of having curvature at the edges.

In one of the test steps, the iPhone 12 is placed in a small pocket next to objects that could scratch it, such as coins and keys. The bag was shaken vigorously for 30 seconds, but the mobile phone remained intact.

At another stage, the device scratched the front and back with sandpaper. This time there were visible damage. Even so, the car noticed that the screen was still functioning properly.

Test the durability of iPhone 12 with sandpaper (photo: Vanessa Hand Orellana / CNET)

Test the durability of iPhone 12 with sandpaper (photo: Vanessa Hand Orellana / CNET)

In the drop tests, the rear window broke and the frame left only some “bruises”. However, the screen remains intact even when the iPhone 12 has been dropped from a height of nearly 3 meters three times in a row (not taking into account drops from a lower height).

Allstate Protection Plans, a smartphone insurance company, also conducted a round of testing. The results summarized in the following video show that the iPhone 12 is more resistant than the iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S20 when considering falling from a height of 1.8 meters, both with up and down screens. There was only slight damage to the rear and sides.

The iPhone 12 Pro had slightly worse results, probably because it was about 25 grams heavier than the iPhone 12. In addition to some damage on the sides, the rear window (without a ceramic shield) has completely cracked. . The display, on the other hand, has a crack at the bottom, but it keeps working – perhaps the damage will be greater in previous generations.

Like CnetAllstate Protection Plans concludes that the design of the iPhone 12 series contributes to the resistance aspect by making the sides better absorb the impact of falling.

Overall, people think Ceramic Shield protection isn’t insurmountable, but it does contribute to making it the most resistant iPhone generation.

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