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YouTube highlighted on Monday (28) some changes it has made to improve their in-app experience. The platform focuses on the new gestures and controls provided when watching videos, such as changes to show the player full screen and turn on subtitles when available.

YouTube allows gestures to trigger full screen (Image: Disclosure / YouTube)

Nowadays, after selecting a video on YouTube, you can leave the video in full screen mode by tapping the icon in the lower right corner or leaving the phone in a landscape position. With the changes in the app, if the phone is vertical, it can also activate full screen by swiping up the video. To disable it, just drag the video down, a gesture that’s been around for a long time.

YouTube update controls on the player (Image: Disclosure / YouTube)

YouTube update controls on the player (Image: Disclosure / YouTube)

The YouTube Player also highlights two features, which will display their icons next to the option to cast to other devices. One of them is the subtitles which, until then, remained in the menu presented when selecting the three-dot icon in the upper right corner. The other is auto playback that appears at the top of the list of related videos.

YouTube highlights autoplay (Image: Disclosure / YouTube)

YouTube highlights autoplay (Image: Disclosure / YouTube)

Another change in the app is that it provides a larger area for video chapters. Optional, launched in May 2020, to support navigation in long videos has been expanded. Items can now also be displayed in list format, showing names and thumbnails for each snippet.

YouTube also marks other changes made in the app. Among them, is action suggestions for users, such as rotating the player or displaying videos in virtual reality. The platform also allows you to tap the player’s counter and change the information between the elapsed video duration and the countdown time for the video to end.

With information: The Verge.

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