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While streaming services have a free version, some users choose the pirated version to skip ads and download music files. In an effort to reduce abuse, each platform follows its own line. Deezer decided to take a subtle approach and allow unofficial apps, even if it identifies which account is using the facilities.

Deezer warns users about piracy (Image: Copy)

Deezer warns users about piracy (Image: Copy)

Deezer’s strategy has been commented on by users Reddit, after one of them shares email screenshot. In a statement to users of the pirated version, the streaming service suggested downloading the official version of the app, claiming that it offered a better experience, and argued that the apps were Illegal use can put a user’s privacy at risk.

“See you soon,” indicates the warning sent by the platform’s security team. “We know that you are not using the official Deezer version and we will not stop you. However, in the spirit of honesty, you should be aware that you are facing invasive security risks that could harm your data.

Alerts point to a new tactic to prevent piracy. In recent years, the platform has focused on banning illegal apps and their successor apps, such as Deezloader, Deezloader Reborn, and Deezloader Remix. It is still unclear whether in practice, the service will stop working to remove pirated versions. However, at least from the comments on Reddit, this statement seems to have been more well received.

Deezer and Spotify are anti-piracy

While Deezer took a more tolerant stance, Spotify has attempted to reverse the illegal apps. In March 2020, the platform caused Github to remove XSpotify, which is already present in about 130 repositories and allows you to download music, remove copy protection (DRM), and block ads on free accounts.

The strategy is similar to the one used in 2018, when Spotify emailed to notify a group of users about the removal of pirated apps they had installed. In the message, the service also warns that if they detect repeated use of unauthorized apps that violate their terms, they can suspend or close the account.

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