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Xbox Series X and Series S will be released on November 10 in Brazil, and Microsoft has been taking advantage of the time to release the first video with details about display user. The menu has been revealed, but this is the first time we’ve seen the panel actually work with some of its functions.

Xbox Series X shows active interface on console (Image: Microsoft)

Xbox Series X shows active interface on console (Image: Microsoft)

The presentation was delivered by Malik Prince, Xbox Community Program Manager, along with Harrison Hoffman, Program Manager of the console’s engineering group. The menu is visible only when Xbox Series X is turned on, but it should work similarly on Series S.

In fact, Microsoft has once again confirmed what it meant before: the interface will be exactly the same as the one that exists today on Xbox One in its most updated version. With only minor differences here and there, like a customizable background animation, exclusive to the new panels.

The presenters also pointed out that, even though only Series X was on show, all the quickness of the menus applies to Series S. Both consoles bet on SSD memory for speed. great degree.

One of the highlights is the system Go on fast, or “quick return,” in free translation. This is a function that allows you to switch between games without necessarily starting from the main menu but from where you stopped playing. The system is represented by switching between Gears 5 and Dust 5.

The rest of the video demonstrates a host of features available on the Series X / S and Xbox One, such as a new capture function that goes straight to your phone – allowing you to publish your images wherever you want.

For new devices, however, photography is enhanced with a new snapshot button on the controller. However, the new joystick is also Xbox One compatible, so it should work on the old model as well.

The video also shows up a bit similar to the old games, like Gears 5 and Subnautica, will run on both devices, with improved textures, much faster loads, and HDR – for even more color enhancement.

Global release

November 10th for the Brazilian launch is the same worldwide. The Xbox Series X is pre-ordered in Brazil for R $ 4,999, while the Series S is offered for Rs 2,999 at some stores.

Two control panels are included, in the box, main unit, power cable and TV, in addition to one remote. Series X is black and Series S is white, with very different designs.

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