Sony postponed the PS5 game and promised to make it available for free on PS Plus

Troops Destroy AllStars will be given along with PS5, on November 12, but its launch was delayed until February 2021. Sony has also announced that it will be free for two months for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Destruction AllStars is now coming straight to PS Plus (Image: Sony)

Destruction AllStars is now coming straight to PS Plus (Image: Sony)

In a residential publication PlayStation The Brasil Blog, Sony explains that it will give refunds to anyone who has purchased a game, which has been pre-sold for several weeks. Anyone who bought through PlayStation Store, or any store will be refunded.

However, Sony hasn’t made it clear whether it will go on sale in the normal market from February, since its launch, or just after a two-month period that it will be available to anyone who signs up for PlayStation Plus.

Multiplayer action

Destroy AllStars is an online multiplayer-focused game, so it pairs heavily with PlayStation Plus, as the subscription also releases multiplayer for players on PS4 and those on PS5.

The game blends elements of action and competition in the arena. Players use vehicles to fight with each other and a variety of weapons and skills.

Sony promises to reveal more details about Destroy AllStars next week, with a full trailer and additional game information.

Procrastination Destroy AllStars Not to affect the dates of other games that were promised for PS5, among them Spiderman: Miles Morales, Sackboy, Godfall, in addition to other diverse ones, such as Watch Dogs: Legion, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Fortnite.

With information: Blog PS.

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